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Videos, songs and other works that contain Sermons content.

Five Secular Sermons

A new video, with all five audio recordings and 403 illustrations, mostly by Midjourney. The illustrations were a suggestion by my wonderful sister (who also gave me lots of practical help!) that in retrospect makes perfect sense. Only a minority of people who might be interested will want to close their eyes and “properly” meditate for 80 minutes, so visuals should be available as an option. So now they are.

The Bayesian Choir is awesome

That song my dad and I wrote? I emailed it to the wonderful Bayesian Choir, a group of excellent people in the Bay Area who have performed beautifully  at the Bay Area Secular Solstices and who produced the spectacular HaMephorash (which you need to read Unsong to not be confused by (and I firmly recommend that)).

What utterly amazed me was their response! One of them is James Cook, who is not just a software developer and a composer of music, but actually develops software to help compose music. How cool is that! He took a liking to this little tune and produced a hymn-style arrangement for four voices which… I’m frankly unqualified to judge, but my dad as a classically trained composer assures me it is quite good. Here’s what it looks like: Continue reading

New download section added

The new downloads page  contains the three Sermons that exist at the moment, for download in different formats.

There are two PDFs, one plain (for cell phones, ebook readers and similar devices) and one illustrated (for printing out).

There is also a bare bones ASCII text file, for convenient remixing.

I’ll add MP3s next.