New YouTube video, and audio now available on

I hope to make the Secular Sermons more available, and that’s not happening on this tiny obscure blog. So there’s now a new YouTube video of the first three Sermons, and I’ve uploaded the audio recordings to the excellent guided meditations site and app Here’s the YouTube version:

This is the audio recording I made recently, decorated with a slideshow of CC0 pictures of meditating people. I did the (extremely basic) video editing myself using flowblade. I put this on my personal YouTube channel, rather than the Seven Secular Sermons channel, because my videos on the former have gotten more views so far.

Insight Timer is an app and a site for meditators. It is clearly done by very professional team, with a slick and easy-to-use design, cross-platform availability and massive amounts of content. I use it myself and sincerely recommend it to anybody who likes guided meditations.

I have a “teacher” page there now and at the time of this posting, the first of the three sermons I uploaded there has been published. (I guess they have check them manually to make sure nothing builds up a sensitive, relaxed meditation state and then assaults listeners with something terrible.) That was yesterday, and already a few hundred people have heard it, and several left nice reviews. I’m happy to have found an online community of people who appreciate guided meditations, and also happy that even among the thousands of meditations available there, mine are quite unique.

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