Children of the Milky Way

The song I previously mentioned is complete. The music was graciously contributed by my dad, who is awesome and composes classical music. “Children of the Milky Way” is now proper sheet music, with a sheet and everything. Check it out:

"Children of the Milky Way" score and lyrics

If you would like to use it in any way, please feel free.

If you know Christian church songs, you’ll note this is a lot like those. I imagine this printed out and sung communally in post-religious churchlike settings, such as the fabulous Sunday Assembly. We’ll see if and when that happens. I guess I’ll post a recording here eventually.

For now, here is the melody as a synthesized MP3…

The lyrics are derived from the first Secular Sermon of course. I might do more of these song-shaped excerpts from the sermons eventually. But right now my focus is drawn to the fourth sermon. Things are taking shape there.