A better recording of the first Sermon, and an interview

Great news! My friends Nikki and Julian of The Blog of Baphomet have re-recorded Adrift in Space and Time together and put it on SoundCloud.

I like their version better than my own, because they not only took great care doing this, their use of two voices works, they’re obviously experienced speakers of meditations and they don’t have German accents. I’m very grateful for the kind attention they have consistently given to this project, including not only this but also help with proofreading Sermons and many other pieces of help and advice. They also interviewed me about the project, which was exciting. I’ve never been interviewed before!

Their blog post about it points out, quite rightly, that their own Book of Baphomet is in alignment with the purpose of the Seven Secular Sermons:

the book opens with a re-telling of the story of creation based on the latest scientific ideas. This account, rendered in prose poetry style, was for us the modem mythology of Baphomet; the story of how physics gives rise to chemistry, chemistry to biology and biology to awareness. Where the divine is situated not in an ex nihilo alien dimension, but right here, right now.

I like their book very much and think that if you like the Seven Secular Sermons you’re likely to enjoy it as well and I encourage you to check it out.

One thought on “A better recording of the first Sermon, and an interview

  1. Thank you very much for this multimedia art project! Although I am having a personal, religious perspective on this universe, I am deeply enjoying every text and sound of your “sermons”. Looking forward for more, thanks again & best wishes! 🙂

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