Audio recordings

Sermon 1: Adrift in Space and Time .mp3 [16:28]

Sermon 2: The Games of Entropy .mp3 [15:05]

Sermon 3: One of Us .mp3 [15:23]

Sermon 4: The Love that guides Humanity .mp3 [14:46]

Audio in Deutsch

Segnung 1: Im Flug durch Raum und Zeit .mp3 [15:26]

Segnung 2: Von Entropie gespielt .mp3 [13:36]

Segnung 3 folgt bald…


Children of the Milky Way and Kinder dieser Galaxie .pdf with sheet music
A song that is based on the first sermon in two versions, in English and in German.

The English version arranged for four voices by James Cook is also available as a .pdf with sheet music.