Stumbling into 2019

This having children thing? It’s good.
And yet I’m also sad.
I wish I’d truly understood
how much free time I had.

I have written a few more bits of the fourth Sermon, and finished the blog post on Kipling. The latter kind of morphed into a manifesto against most other poetry, and led to some interesting discussions. The rest of my work continues to be fairly minimal. I clearly underestimated how much harder having a second child makes finding time for anything that is not super urgent.

Publically committing myself to a fixed deadline did help, though. So I’m doing that again. Next progress report on the end of the first quarter. I hope I will be on track to have the fourth Sermon finished in time for a premiere at the end of August. The probability of that is probably below 50% right now. But I will try really hard, because while it doesn’t have the urgency of a screaming infant, it feels like a really important story to tell…

Our drive to grow together leads
from families and tribes,
through cities, nation states and creeds
to global human rights.