12 Rules for Life summary song

This is Jordan Peterson‘s bestseller 12 Rules for Life, summarized in common metre lyrics so it can be sung with many melodies. I recommend the melody of America the Beautiful because it is very hymnic and Peterson is a prophet in the technical sense of the term.

Stand straight and with your shoulders back
to face the world upright
and thus gain strength that you would lack
if you’d attempt to hide.

Then treat yourself as one for whom
it is your job to care.
Reserve yourself some time and room
to rest and to prepare.

Make friends with those who want for you
the best life you can live,
who look with care at what you do
and use what you can give.

Compare yourself to yesterday
and not to others now.
Do your own task, walk your own way
as your own skills allow.

Don’t let your kids do anything
that you dislike in them,
since on their own, they’re echoing
the apes from which we stem.

Bring perfect order to your house
before you criticize
the world around you; this allows
good order to arise.

Pursue what you find meaningful,
not just expedient.
Your sense of meaning is a tool
for choosing good intent.

And speak the truth – at least don’t lie.
On truth we can agree
and build the bonds worth living by
and that shall set us free.

Assume that who you’re speaking to
knows something that you don’t,
so you will listen till you do,
for otherwise, you won’t.

Employ precision in your speech.
Creating certainty
reduces chaos that will reach
your life eventually.

Don’t bother children when they skate.
They’re learning to be tough
and ready for their future fate
that needs them tough enough.

And in your struggles, if you meet
a cat that you may pet,
a fellow mortal in the street,
then always pet the cat.

Without melody, this still works great as a memory aid to help remember the 12 rules.

I wrote this while procrastinating on the Seven Secular Sermons.