The Seven Secular Sermons are:

  • the only guided meditations in verse and rhyme,
  • the only attempt to replace religion as a frame for mystical experience,
  • the longest poems, by far, ever written in the classic style of the common metre,
  • based on 20 years of meditation experience, 15 years of writing guided meditations and a few years of academic research into the psychology of religious ritual,
  • best enjoyed when listened to rather than read,
  • entirely in line with the current state of scientific knowledge and
  • so mindblowing they frequently move listeners to tears.


To the extent possible under law, Daniel Böttger has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to Seven Secular Sermons. This work is published from: Germany.

This means you may freely copy, modify and use these Sermons any way you like, even without attribution. If you do and you tell me about it, I will be very happy. If you publish it on the web, I will almost certainly link to it.

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  1. Daniel, I’m interested in taking a look at that paper you mentioned over on SSC, about your explanation of mysticism. I’m not a professional but I’m an intelligent atheist stuck in the middle of a group of New-Age enthusiast friends, and badly in need of some plausible ideas that don’t sound like “I think you’re a bunch of mental defectives”. 🙂

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