A little more progress

A bit more is written. There is a decent first draft of the first 40% of the fourth Sermon, and a great number of bits of and pieces that I need to string together into the remaining 60%. I will rework the beginning part first and then keep adding to it in a more or less sequential fashion. So I’m basically in the synthesis stage again. Right now my attempt to finish the fourth Sermon this summer looks a bit precarious, but it might still work out.

I wrote the first and the third Sermon more or less in sequence. The second, and the fourth up to now, I wrote all over the place and strung them together relatively late in the process. I think I have enough experience now to tell that writing more or less in sequence is probably strictly better. A lesson paid with a lot of slow work.

Speaking of work, I quit my job for a new one a month ago. The new job is exciting and I’m learning a lot, meaning I continue to have little leftover attention for poetry. The kids are getting a bit older/easier though, and that helps a lot.

In other news, The Best Blogger in the World has written another take on the subject of my last post which is very much worth reading.