My name is Daniel Böttger. I’m an IT guy, researcher and family man who lives in Leipzig, Germany. My scientific CV is here.

I don’t feel a strong sense of personal ownership towards this work. I think you’re its author as much as I am. So originally, I considered publishing it anonymously. But people like a face with the things they read, so here’s mine.

Daniel Böttger

I began the Seven Secular Sermons project in 2012, in an attempt to share the intense gratitude I feel towards this marvelous universe we are happening in. The sermons are (to be) a series of seven guided meditations on aspects of the universe. In verse and rhyme, they invite us into inner journeys towards a more profoundly satisfying appreciation of reality at large.

Due to the complexities of summarizing numerous complex ideas into meditative poetry, and the restrictiveness of their format, these meditations are being written very slowly. The first two took 18 months each, the third one took a bit over a year and I’ve been working on the fourth since 2016. If you would like to be notified about new sermons, you can follow @7SecularSermons on Twitter or subscribe to my YouTube channel.

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