Between sermons and diapers

You’ve clearly grown tonight, my child.
You watch more knowingly.
Your movements are a touch more mild
as you examine me.

Whenever I’m not working, I continue to be mostly busy being a dad. It is amazing! My writing has slowed down considerably for now and I’m fine with that.

Still, there is a little progress to report. The fourth Sermon has a rough outline, a couple of finished stanzas that mark important waypoints in the storyline, and a working title: The Heartbeat of Humanity. At the current leisurely pace, I expect to finish it next summer, two years after the last one.

In other news, Dave Lee of Chaotopia has kindly reviewed the Seven Secular Sermons – and I am working on getting a number of copies of the print version of the first three sermons printed so I have copies to spare when I do readings. Alright, that’s it for now – back to baby stuff.

Between all stars that intersperse
the boundless depths of space,
the center of the universe
is here in your embrace.